Lakeside Curling Club
Seba Beach, Alberta, Canada
  Box 38, Fallis, Alberta T0E 0V0
Phone 780-797-3776 or 587-772-1513

Seba Beach, Alberta, Canada

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The Club was established in the late 1950’s.  It is reported that the club was formed after a number of local teams did not fare well at a bonspiel in Tomahawk and felt “home ice” would be kinder to them.

Land was acquired at the present location and plans developed.  The local group learned of a curling facility in Mercoal on the coal branch which was available.  In the fall of 1959 the building was dismantled, moved and erected near Seba Beach.

1960 saw the building enclosed.  After two years of curling on natural ice, it was decided to go artificial.  Curling has continued ever since with the exception of a few years in the late 80’s when it did not operate.

Lakeside Curling Club now operates from late October to the end of March with two leagues running Monday through Thursday.  Traditionally, up to five bonspiels were held each year.  More recently, we have promoted fun two-on-two nights and junior events as well as hosting three major bonspiels per year.  The club offers a lounge for those wishing to watch a game or have a refreshment.  The club also rents the curling rink out to other groups for curling and social events.

A full-time ice maker professionally maintains the 3 sheets of ice, and the club is totally staffed by knowledgeable, devoted volunteers who have a passion for the sport.    We are also a NACA member that provides our members with even more  benefits.   Within the facility, members and guests enjoy a safe, clean, and pleasant non-smoking environment, offering a mini sports lounge, and a small banquet facility and meeting room.

Fundraising is a way of life for us in order to keep the club financially viable.  From casinos to auctions to raffles, we are continually looking for ways to fund the services, building upgrades, and additions, which provide for the future of the Lakeside Curling Club.   We operate as a not-for-profit society, with the club being managed by a volunteer board of directors.  The board is elected and installed each year at our annual general meeting.  Membership provides curling and/or social benefits and a voice in the direction of the operations of the club. 

The Lakeside Curling Club needs and welcomes new members.  No experience is necessary as we have qualified members to help you learn to curl.  We will assist in placing you on a team if you are not already part of a foursome.  If you are interested, please call Brian (780) 554-5843 or Kathy (587) 772-1513.

Curling is fun, keeps you fit, and develops friendships!  Catch the Spirit of the Community, join and have a special winter activity with your friends!



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