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Lakeside Curling Club is a not-for-profit organization that has been the heart of the community since incorporation in 1958. The club is located near Seba Beach Alberta and is operated through the dedication and generosity of volunteers from the community.  The Club strives to provide safe, family based, social and recreational activities for all ages. The club supports amateur sport through the junior curling program and hosting curling sessions to support school physical activity programs from surrounding communities.

Lakeside Curling Club is a member of Curling Alberta. It operates out of a three sheet curling rink geographically located in rural Alberta near the west boundary of Parkland County. Over the past years most of the community curling rinks have closed. Lakeside Curling club Lakeside Curling Club is the only recreational facility in the community and one of the few remaining curling clubs operating in rural Parkland County.

Board of Directors

Lakeside Curling Club is governed by a Board of Directors who are elected for a 3 year term to govern and manage the affairs of the Curling Club.

Current President: Lynn Childs Lakesidecurlingclub@gmail .com

Composition of the Board

The 2023/2024 Board consists of

  •  President: Lynn Childs

  •  Vice-President: Ingrid Butler-Sieben

  •  Secretary: Nancy Aelicks

  • Treasurer: Phil Neufeld

  • Five Directors: Doris Kent, Winston Childs, Breagh Otway, Sandra Rathmann, Lindsay Rackette

  • Honorary Director - Yvonne Hoines


The Club is welcoming new members of all ages for the upcoming season.



Current members of the club are the local, year-round residents. Lakeside Curling Club welcomes members from surrounding communities such as Wabamun, Darwell, Duffied, Evansburg, Sangudo, Tomahawk etc where there are no curling rinks remaining in operation.

Member’s age ranges from junior through senior with approximately 24 teams enrolled for evening curling. Stick curling is encouraged for individuals with mobility issues and a large proportion of the members are seniors.

Membership and league fees are as follows:

  1. A membership fee of $50.00 per individual for everyone wishing to participate in league play or drop in activities.

  2. A league fee of $300 per person per league enrolled in (2nd league discounted).

  3. Curling Alberta requires all curlers to pay a $13 insurance fee

  4. A drop in Fee of $10 per activity for individuals participating in drop in activities

     Individuals that register as members but do not wish to curl will have Associate Membership Status.

     Individuals wishing to participate in league curling can register as a team or as an individual and will be         placed on a team.


The club provides league curling, 1 draw per evening, Monday Through Thursday and are recruiting for new players. 

The club supports school physical education programs by offering curling sessions to schools in surrounding communities such as Darwell, Tomhawk, Wabamun, and Duffield.


Five bonspiels are held annually to support fundraising and provide recreational and social activities for both members of the community and of the Club.

    1.   2 on 2          November 18, 2023

    2.  Mixed           December 2-3, 2023

    3.  Men’s          January 5-7th   2024

    4.  Women’s    February 9-11th  2024

    5.  Junior Funspiel    February 24, 2024

Drop in Curling/Lunch

From November through February on Wednesdays., the club will be open at noon to curlers and non curlers alike for the lunch deal of the county! Volunteers will be providing a soup and sandwich lunch for $10, after which ice time is available for 2 on 2 curling ($5 for non members), a game of crib or just relaxing until 2:30. Soup donations are gratefully appreciated.

Silent and Live Auction

Save the date....July 6, 2024.  This is where everyone will be in the evening at the school. Auction items will be donated by individuals and businesses that support our community and our curling club. But the auction needs you there to support us too. This has been a huge fundraiser for the club and we appreciate the support. Watch for updated information and plan on being a donor, buyer or both!

Several other social activities for members are hosted throughout the season including a Christmas banquet and a league “wind-up” banquet.


Lakeside Curling Club is expanding opportunities for recreational activities beyond league curling during the upcoming season through drop in family curling times and promoting youth opportunities to try curling through their current clubs and organization such as 4H clubs, Girl Guides etc. The Club will offer use of the curling rink for companies or groups wanting to use curling as a team building or Christmas activity.

Please contact Lynn Childs (President) at 780 722 8020 or by email  if you would like to become a member, take advantage of any of the drop in or Try-It events or are interested in any of the other social activities.

Funding and Fundraising

As a not-for- profit organization, Lakeside Curling Club relies on subsistence financing for operational funding.  Income for the Club comes from; membership fees, income from bonspiels, and government grant opportunities. Other income, under the authority of the AGLC, comes from liquor sales at the bar, raffles, participation in a casino bi-annually, as well as the silent auction held every other year. Advertising and sponsorship also provide limited income for the Club.

 Lakeside Curling Club has been fortunate to benefit from corporate sponsorship and successful fundraising in the past which has been greatly hampered by the pandemic.

  The following fundraising opportunities are on the horizon for this season -

  1. Bottle Returns – An account for LSCC has been established at All Seasons Bottle Depot in Wabamun where friends and members of LSCC can support the club through an “ongoing bottle drive”. Bottle returns can be donated to LSCC by identifying that you want to donate to Lakeside Curling Club when you take bottles in to the depot.

  2. Billboard Advertising – The club provides opportunities for businesses wishing to support the club through sponsorship or advertising at the club.

  3. Ice Rentals – Additional ice rental opportunities will be promoted this season such as company team building or private Christmas functions.

  4. Government Grants – the executive will apply for available grants.


Contact Lynn Childs (President) at 780 722 8020 or by email  if you are interested in advertising your business at Lakeside Curling Club or would like additional information about the above activities.

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